Freemasonry In Our Schools
Freemasonry In Our Schools

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I sent this letter to Sen. Landrieu, the ACLU, and East Baton Rouge Parish DA's office, and they aren't responding to the letter. I've also reported it to the FBI and Sheriff's office and none seem interested. It’s about a case of sexual abuse that happened to me as a child, at school. It was done by school administrators who were in secret societies. The first time it happened was at Gables Academy, Baton Rouge, La. 1987-88. There were many teachers there that called themselves Zionists. They were saying things that were crude and made me uncomfortable as a child. Many of these things were about racial issues. They were extremely supportive if things such as interracial dating and marriage. These issues were forced down my throat. Being that I had "old school" beliefs about these types of things they began taunting me, and saying things that were inappropriate for a 7th grader (13 year old) to hear. They were saying things such as "you feel threatened because black men have a bigger penis than you." This type of inappropriate conduct continued for quite a while, and I began to become more extreme because of the things that they were saying. One day, Masons came to the school and I was called into the principal’s office. Her name was Susan Kramer, and sadly, is still the principal today. She was inside the office, and a man sitting at the desk, who claimed to be a Mason, began talking to me. He said "so, you don't like black people huh? We will neuter you, and then it won't bother you to see a black man with a white woman." He then reached in his pocket, and pulled out a white metal tube filled with an unknown chemical, and got me to smell/inhale it. Another Mason said "we like gettin'em when their young, that way its easy, and they won't remember when they get older." Another man said, "One whiff of that stuff and you’re done." I recall hearing another man say "white flight is the way that’s gonna work." He also said, "and just like that, in a split second, we can screw-up someone’s life!" Sadly, a 7th grader doesn't understand the concept of white flight (and even if I did, I wouldn't want to follow any of these people). Read this bullshit about the "teachers bill of rights". Its intended to keep teachers safe from students. From what I've seen, its the students that need to be protected from teachers.

The same thing happened at Tara High School, Baton Rouge, La. 1990-91. Thats when I knew that something was wrong. I was in the 9th grade. One day I was in the asst. principal's office, and we began talking about race issues. His name was Brian Vaughn. He was also a Zionist, and he got me to inhale a substance that was in the exact same container and smelled exactly the same as the previous time, at Gables. The substance was in a container that looked similar to the one in the picture below, except it had a yellow top. I noticed both times when they got me to inhale this stuff, they opened the container far away from their bodies, so they wouldn't have to get a whiff of it themselves. As I was leaving the office, I recall him (Vaughn) whispering to someone else "he will still be able to masturbate." During this time, I had many teachers telling me, "you're going to have "problems" when you get older, you just don't know it yet." Some were arrogant, and some appeared horrified at what had been done to me. Yet, as a child, I wasn’t aware of what had been done to me. I wasn’t sure what it meant to be "neutered", or to "have "problems" when I get older." I blocked it out of my mind when I got older because of the embarrassment and humiliation it caused.

I hold David Corona just as responsible as Vaughn (not directly responsible) because it happened at his school. Corona was the #1 man (principal) in charge of the school, Vaughn was #2. The scary thing is that Corona has been moved up to school superintendent of West Baton Rouge Parish.

I don't know what the sick agenda's are of the secret societies because it is a secret, nor do I care. I also don't know what substance it was that they got me to inhale, because they aren't going to tell me. One thing that I do know, is that these are felony’s that need to be investigated. At the age of 34, I am unable to get married or have a family. I want to warn people, so this will never happen to another kid. Teach your kids that they don't have to respect or obey these people if they try and get them to do anything that seems out of the ordinary. This is one hell of a punishment to give to a child that isn't even old enough to consent to sex.

During my time in school, I endured much harassment and intimidation from my Zionist teachers and classmates. Let me give you an example of the things that I heard, from teachers:

Gables Academy – “We will kill you.” “The people that run this country will kill you and make it look like natural causes.” “You’re just livestock we want to get rid of.” “You’re not going to be able to f_ck.”

Christian Life – “You’ve got such a cute little face, we’d like to beat it in.” “We are going to give you a lobotomy.” “That stuff is low, you’re going to see when you get older.”

Tara High – “We’re going to screw-up your life.” “We don’t like you.” You’re going to have problems when you get older.”

I would hardly say that this is the proper learning environment for kids. By the time I made it to the 9th grade, I’d had enough, and dropped-out. The harassment continued, even after I left high school. The law says, we have to send our kids to school...So why won't the law protect our kids while they are at school? According to OSHA, I have a right to see a copy of the Material Safty Data Sheet on any chemical that is brought onto the property of a place of business or establishment. I was exposed to a chemical at Gables Acadamy and Tara High School, and I want to see an MSDS on it!